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Julian Baker is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Chesham, Bucks, England

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About Me

For the past 14 years in private practice I have used a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, addiction counselling and expressive writing to bring about change. My clients have been aged between 8 and 75 and they have presented with a complete and broad spectrum of support needs and core issues. I tend to get runs of clients and currently I work with older people with long term regrets and cancer. These trends tend to frequently change.

EFT & Energy EFT

I first dallied with EFT in 2007 but didn't really bond with it, basically because I was not ready so i persisted with hypnotherapy as my first choice intervention. Towards the end of 2015 I attended a one day workshop on traditional EFT as part of continuing CPD requirements. This fascinated me mainly because I was not that impressed with the trainer or her knowledge base. In January and March 2016 I undertook some comprehensive training with Karl Dawson, which really hit the spot and how I wanted to work. But even then for me the process didn't quite rock my boat, and just by chance an item came up on my face book feed about the Rio olympics where Bralon Taplin had been using EFT before a race. That's where GoE came up and after a little research I found the organisation that I had been looking for. Having recently completed my masters, my journey has began again in earnest, as it took me to a completely new level of understanding of myself and the problems we have.


Over the years my main area of interest was in working with drug and alcohol dependants within the offending community and more importantly with those holding down good jobs in the social private sector. My learning journey took me into prisons, rehab, detox units, local government, and hostels. For a time I even mentored high risk offenders in the community on a voluntary basis and until very recently I still offered my services pro bono at a local recovery unit every Friday. That has changed because of family circumstances and I now major on EFTEnergy as my main therapeutic intervention.


Four years ago my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive grade three tumour of the breast and she bravely went through the treatment cycle, mastectomy, chemo and radio therapy. At the end of treatment she said that no matter how helpful everyone was, in reality only she could face the pain and rigours of treatment. This cycle concluded and she was discharged after one year. Some time later a close friend asked her on the off chance, if she had been blood tested to see if she was a carrier for the BRCA gene, which she hadn't. In some ways getting the NHS, to recognise the possibility that she could be a carrier of the gene because of her jewish ancestry proved very difficult. Ultimately the NHS conceded and after genetic profiling she was identified as a carrier of the gene as was our younger daughter. Knowing this we had to fight the system as one specialist thought additional surgery was a waste of time and resources. However after we filed a complaint through PALS Georgie had another mastectomy and reconstruction. When she was fully recovered she had her ovaries removed and now I am pleased to say she is in very good health and optimistic about the future.

What I have found

Strangely enough there is a synergy between people in the cancer treatment cycle and for those still struggling with drug dependency and still using, or working through their recovery.There are many emotional crossovers and some of the formative years common denominators between the two are lack of love, low self esteem, and not being recognised for who they really are inside. Drug dependency goes hand in hand with physical abuse, poverty and down right neglect. But abuse can also be chamelion like, recorded in a childs subconscious in far more subtler forms by wealthy parents that were never there, compensating and spoiling their child by giving them what they wanted materially, but not emotionally. What the child craved was a kiss and cuddle, loving contact, clean clothes and bed time stories.

Not being recognised for achievements like 'Ive got a 2/1 dad' only to be told 'so what I knew you wouldn't get a first!' set one young man on a mission to kill himself with drugs. Mainly because his parents time was taken up with his younger disabled sister, and being the older sibling, he was criticised and left out. Or being belittled and always put down as cautious Clare even though as a little girl 'Cautious Clare' was full of energy and had a precocious talent. Sadly she adopted the mantle of being cautious Clare because this is what was transferred to her by her mother who had her own problems. Not surprisingly she developed cancer as an older person because of suppressed emotions. Looking up to high achieving parents and thinking I'm not good enough to do that is common, so one client became a successful drug dealer instead, in order to compete with his parents financial image and gain their approval. 

Cycle of Change

Going through the whole cycle with my wife and four children had its own challenges. Our oldest daughter was due to get marrried and we had 2 still at Uni, and I couldn't make it better and take her pain away. My main interest now is in working with those affected by cancer, as in a parallel universe I have an understanding of what families go through on their own journey through treatment and beyond. Their journey is not mine, but I do have an instinctive understanding of how people function subconsciously in the treatment cycle, and by majoring on EFT Energy, the process has given me the tools in which to intervene. At the very least using modern energy EFT can facilitate change in many different ways, thus making an individuals treatment journey less stressful and more emotionally comforting and tolerable.


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