Julian Baker

Julian Baker is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in High Wycombe, Bucks, United Kingdom & Chesham, Bucks, England
Julian Baker


 "Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it." - Ram Dass

For the past 15 years of practise I have used a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, parts therapy, traditional EFT, counselling and expressive writing to facilitate a lasting change of mind set in my clients. However through personal experience I now major on EFTEnergy as my principle intervention and today my real passion lies in working with people in the cancer treatment cycle. Five years ago my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative grade three tumour of the breast. The oncologist gave her an 80/20% survival rating and mumbled something about chemo would make genetic changes and she would be o.k. Her journey was long and hard and she bravely went through a very difficult and emotionally traumatic treatment cycle including numerous operations, chemo and radio therapy. She is transforming, evolving, growing and changing as a human being and doing remarkably well, even though she recently discovered that along with our daughter, that they are both carriers of the BRCA2 gene.


"It's your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you." - Rumi

So as a husband, carer, parent and friend, in a 'parallel universe' I know first hand how the cancer treatment journey can impact on an individual. The cancer journey even with loved ones and very supportive caring friends to hand, is ofen times emotionally travelled alone. For in reality the person with cancer can only feel and face their unique set of fears head on. No one feels their pain, their hurt, their panic, their feelings of wanting to give up, or fully understand how in a moment of weakness some random and very deep worries about their immediate mortality can impact on their quality of life.

The cancer journey can be transformative and healing as it can bring families and friends closer together in a new and loving way, or it can tear them apart, grind you down and break you up. 'The Journey' will take you through unchartered emotions, it can be long, arduous, truamatic, testing, painful and very frightening because of what you have been told and pre conditioned to believe. After discharge it can be even more challenging for the individual as survivors are often plagued with survivors guilt and the incessant chatter of 'what if' negative inner conversations. The inner conversations can be a mixture of aggressive, persistent, defeatist, resigned, lost, sorry, tearful, briefly optimistic, and terminally focused thoughts.

For many with their emotions in free fall, will seek peace of mind and self medicate through excessive alcohol consumption. This can often lead to unrecognised and out of awareness circumstantial alcohol dependency which may cause a secondary cancer.........because of an understandable, but reckless 'Gung Ho' bullet proof mode of thinking, 'F..k me Ive got over that so why not, lets get pissed, may as well enjoy it whilst it lasts,' attitude towards life. 

This is hardly surprising as most, if not all of us are pre-programed/conditioned into negative thinking about almost anything cancer related. Most days there is something in the media like fight this, fight that, battle against cancer, war on cancer, join the fight, run the race, we need more money for research, leave money in your will 'Now,' pay £2K and take this pill and live two months longer. Who wouldnt want to try this or that medication and see their families for one more christmas. If you don't take chemo you've got six months, if you do you've got eight. There is a constant cycle of begging, messages of fear and negativity in the news, with many requests delivered in commercial breaks where the volume is ratched up a few degrees for more effect. Because of this constant drip feed of negative media around cancer, the individual will already have been pre-programed and pre conditioned into thinking 'well thats it' when they walk into an oncologists office, suggestible, fearful and in shock mode about their prospects. Occasionally on hearing a negative diagnosis patients have been known to storm out from the office going on to live a normal cancer free life, this is classified as a 'Spontanious Remission' which happens with 2% of people with cancer.   Its worth reading Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Dr Kelly A Turner Phd


The Modern Energy partnership

At the very least Modern Energy EFT can facilitate positive change on so many different energy levels. Cancer can be both killer and healer, it can indirectly tear people and families apart or bring them closer together in the most loving and refreshing ways. The subtle process of Energy EFT can open up the door way to choice, and going through it as a Modern Energy Team can be life changing, comforting, enlightening and transforming whatever the prognosis or expected outcome will be.


My take on a Modern Energy & Carer Partnership 

A journey round the world starts with a single step and there are no guarantees on how your journey will pan out, but if you step inside rather than looking outwardly the following things could happen. Over a minimum of three or four sessions you will have already begun to instinctively internalise the Modern Energy EFT protocol and by fully engaging with the process of 'you dont have to solve it but evolve it' the following things will almost certainly happen to you.


You will have:

  1. A safe place inside with an increasing dimension of calm, peace and resilience
  2. A ways and means of immediately dealing with your fears, your hurt, your pain and emotional and physical suffering
  3. A protocol to work with that once applied routinely and with diligence, the effects will be nurturing, comforting and emotionally cleansing 
  4. You will have a belief system that in real terms is a new way of life and quite literally, the power to change things inside, is in your hands and at your immediate disposal 24/7


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